Industrial hoses
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•  Expansion joints for petroleum    products and fuels
•  Expansion joints for gas
•  Expansion joints for LPG
•  Expansion joints for chemicals,    acids, bases, additives
•  Expansion joints for food
•  Expansion joints water
•  Expansion joints drinking water
•  Expansion joints hot water
•  Expansion joints cooling water
•  Expansion joints for wastewater
•  Expansion joints for seawater
•  Expansion joints for swimming    pools
• Expansion joints for oils and    grease
•  Expansion joints for air
•  Expansion joints for hot air
• FLANGE choice
• ERV Inner Sleeves and PTFE Lining
• Vaccum Support Spiral and Ring
• Flame Protection Cover
• Overview of Certificates
• Hints for Pipework Designer
• Installation and Operation Hints
• Hoses
• Pumps
• Flow meters
• Screw compressors
• Tank truck equipment
OPW Market was created in 2005’ as an importer, supplier and maintenance of industrial equipment. We are a leading company for:
  • Supply and maintenance of tank truck equipment, equipment for trucks for liquid gas, silotrailers, chemical trucks and other transport trucks for dangerous goods. We have a good service station.
  • Supply of equipment for petrol, fuel and chemical terminals.
  • Hoses and fittings
  • Industrial pumps and flowmeters, service point for pumps, vacuum pumps BUSCH, vane and centrifugal pumps Blackmer, Alfons Haar, PIUSI and other.
  • Equipment for gas stations equipment

Rubber expansion joints / compensators are used as flexible connectors within pipe systems. Based on the German expression "Elastische Rohrverbinder" the type brand ERV® is being used.
ERV are single sphere type rubber expansion joints within swiveling metal flanges. The high quality bellows are produced in a mould. Starting fourty years ago, construction and length of ERV expansion joints have become reckognised standards worldwide.