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•  Expansion joints for petroleum    products and fuels
•  Expansion joints for gas
•  Expansion joints for LPG
•  Expansion joints for chemicals,    acids, bases, additives
•  Expansion joints for food
•  Expansion joints water
•  Expansion joints drinking water
•  Expansion joints hot water
•  Expansion joints cooling water
•  Expansion joints for wastewater
•  Expansion joints for seawater
•  Expansion joints for swimming    pools
• Expansion joints for oils and    grease
•  Expansion joints for air
•  Expansion joints for hot air
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• ERV Inner Sleeves and PTFE Lining
• Vaccum Support Spiral and Ring
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YELLOW BAND LT Expansion Joints


expansion joints designed for low temperature applications for petroleum based products, diesel, heating oil up to +90°C, aviation fuel JET A1, kerosene, petroleum up to 60°C and gasoline up to 40°C. Temperature (depending on medium) range -40°C up to +90°C, temporarily up to +100°C. Electrically conductive.

Lining : NBR (nitrile), seamless, high abrasion resistance
Reinforcement : PA textile cord
Cover : Chloroprene CR
Marking : Yellow band with white "LT" print, ERV DN.., PN 16, production date
Flanges : Swiveling, DIN PN 10/16, carbon steel, zinc plated