Industrial hoses
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•  Expansion joints for petroleum    products and fuels
•  Expansion joints for gas
•  Expansion joints for LPG
•  Expansion joints for chemicals,    acids, bases, additives
•  Expansion joints for food
•  Expansion joints water
•  Expansion joints drinking water
•  Expansion joints hot water
•  Expansion joints cooling water
•  Expansion joints for wastewater
•  Expansion joints for seawater
•  Expansion joints for swimming    pools
• Expansion joints for oils and    grease
•  Expansion joints for air
•  Expansion joints for hot air
• FLANGE choice
• ERV Inner Sleeves and PTFE Lining
• Vaccum Support Spiral and Ring
• Flame Protection Cover
• Overview of Certificates
• Hints for Pipework Designer
• Installation and Operation Hints
• Hoses
• Pumps
• Flow meters
• Screw compressors
• Tank truck equipment

VITEX Expansion Joints


Expansion joints in High-Tech design with seamless FPM lining, a flexible safety compensator for petrochemical facilities, engines, power stations and flue gas desulphurisation plants.Suitable for strain with aggressive media.Very good resistance against hot oils, benzene, xylol, fuels with an aromatic content of more than 50%, bio diesel, aromatic/chlorinated hydrocarbons and mineral acids. Excellent resistance against weathering, ageing and ozone. Temperature range (depending on medium) from -15°C up to +90°C, temporarily up to 130°C.

Lining : FPM, seamless, no permeation, el. non-conductive Reinforcement : PA textile cord, specially rubberized
Cover : ECO, electrically conductive
Marking : White-green-white bands, ERV DN .., PN 16, production date
Flanges : Swiveling, DIN PN 10/16, carbon steel, zinc plated